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Manufacturer of various electromotors

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Manufacturer of various electromotor parts

Introducing Factory

Kia ElectromotorPart Co., as one of the largest manufacturers of industrial and home electromotors in Iran, has been able to take all the small steps in the country's industry, with its continuous efforts and excellence in its work, and as a manufacturer of all kinds of special electric motors for water coolers, kitchen hoods, gearboxes Elevators, home and industrial door closers, all types of industrial and construction ventilators, small and large fans, and so on.

It should be noted that the company, having specialized units in the process of designing and manufacturing electromotor, carries out all stages of design, analysis, prototyping and testing, molding, tooling and mass production inside the company.

Cooler Electromotors

Electromotor Cooler is one of the main products of the electromotor industry, which is produced in prestigious domestic and foreign factories. The electromotors produced in the company ElectroMotorPart are designed and optimized to optimize the world today to reduce energy consumption and increase output efficiency. In the design of these electromotors, all technical considerations and consumer needs are taken into account in order to produce a high quality and high reliability product. To reach them.

Electromotor and fan assembly

Kia ElectromotorParte is the largest manufacturer of electromotors and fan motors in the country. The types of these electromotors are manufactured in two types of Turbo and K, one shaft head and two shafts, as well as plastic and metal refractories. The advanced and automatic production process, as well as the systematic and accurate quality control of the defective and reciprocating product from the customer, has reached 1 in 10,000, which in its own case, and in the technological industries of this kind, this defective product is an unprecedented experience.

Electromotor Elevator gearbox

Kia ElectromotorPart is the first manufacturer and pioneer in the production of elevator gearshift electromotors in the country. The company's primary product was a 5.5KW (special six-wheeler) electromotor elevator gearbox, but today, with six years of the first ever successful experience, A variety of lift gear electromotors, including 7.5KW two-speed (eight) 7.5KW single-speed inline 6.1KW two-speed, 5.5 kW two-speed and single-speed nano-drives, designed and manufactured in a competitive quality with external models.